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*** Please Note *** You will receive the reed diffuser refill liquid only in a plastic container, not the black bottle shown with the reeds, the image of the presentation is only shown for illustration purposes, as a plastic bottle would not really show anything.

Reed diffusers have become very popular in recent times as an alternative way to fragrant your homes, your diffuser refill liquid is made to high strength, capable of making your desired room awesome, couple that with the choice of soo many fragrances, unavailable anywhere else, that becomes a very powerful and convincing reason to buy your reed diffuser refill liquid from Perfume Parlour.

You will receive your liquid in a plastic bottle, all you have to do is pour the contents into your diffuser bottle, put the reeds in, and let the liquid do it's magic. The liquid is not only limited to be used with reeds, but can be used in your car diffusers and electric diffusers.

100ml Diffuser Refill Liquid

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