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Graceful For Women 0369

(Belongs To The Olfactory Notes Family Similar to Rive Gauche®)

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Top notes: bergamot, peach, green notes, lemon, honeysuckle, aldehydes

Middle notes: musk, tahitain vetiver, oakmoss, amber, tonka bean,

Base notes: ylang ylang, jasmine, gardenia, iris, magnolia, lily of the valley, rose, geranium

Product description

This is a fragrance for women. It has the main accords: woody, aldehydic, floral, green, white floral, aromatic.

For the 15ml, 30ml and 60ml  Extract SprayIn 2021, the market trend has changed and PP are keeping with that trend. Customers want beast mode performance, and with the extracts you get exactly that, amped up formulation with added ingredients that will give you better longevity and sillage. Although slightly higher priced, its worth that extra amount if you like to made a statement with your fragrances.

For the 3ml, 6ml, 10ml, 12ml, 24ml, 36ml and 50ml bottles: You will receive a high quality perfume oil filled in a roll on bottle of your choice. Please note: If buying 2 or less 12ml bottles, we will send it 2x6ml bottles to save on postage costs.

100ml Fragrance Compound: You will receive manufacturing grade fragrance in a dip stick bottle which you can use in different manufacturing processes where fragrance is required, the fragrance is undiluted which means it needs to be handled carefully and CANNOT be applied directly to the skin, documentation is available upon request after purchase.

For the 13ml, 30ml and 50ml Spray: You will receive a specially formulated spray bottle which will enable you to get that spritz feeling which you don’t get with the oils. Our sprays do contain Ethanol, however the longevity is better than what you would get from the high street brands. We use a high concentration level of fragrance in order to achieve longer lasting.

Fragrance Dust:  Fragrance dust is our latest home fragrancing product which we are really excited about. The beauty of the product is that you can choose any fragrance from our website and we will deliver it in that fragrance. As for the product, its simply scented granules. Put a few pinches in an oil burner. Light a tea light underneath and within minutes the dust will start releasing the fragrance and it will continue to scent up your room for around an hour or even more. After the dust stops letting off fragrance you can simply throw the granules away.

You will receive a 100ml pot which holds around 70g of fragrance dust, which will give between 30-40 hours of burning time.

Another advantage is that you can create your own fragrances by mixing different dusts together.

Try it you won't be disappointed.

For the Wax Melts: You will receive a 50g (approx) plastic container, filled with 7-8 pieces of wax moulds blended in a fragrance of your choice, each melt will give around 1 hour burning time.

For the Reed Diffuser Refill: You will receive a 100ml plastic bottle filled with a special compound blended with a fragrance of your choice. The Reed diffuser refill can be poured into the bottle you already have and use the same reeds. Please Note:  You will not receive the glass bottle or reeds shown in the picture as that is for illustration purposes only.

For the Beard Oil: You will receive a 30ml bottle filled with 100% pure argan oil hand blended with a frgrance of your choice.

  1. Image

    really beautiful. Maybe the opening could be a bit more bracing but I am wearing this for several days on a row now...

  2. Image

    Amazing. The same as the vintage Rive Gauche. Better than the current version. Well done.

  3. Image
    rebecca_wykes April 04, 2018

    Spot on. Gorgeous. Well done!

  4. Image

    Beautiful and classically feminine rose and lipstick scent. Long lasting. X

  5. Image

    Used to wear this many years ago so ordered it, omg it brought back so many happy memories love it, smell lasts all day, will buy this again,

  6. Image

    Almost the same as Rive Gauche after around five minutes. I have the oil and it is great to carry in my handbag for top ups

  7. Image

    unfortunately PP had run out of Musts so I asked them to pick something nice as a replacement. I was certainly not disappointed as this is a lovely,easy to wear fragrance. It is suitable to wear at any time of the day or night. A very classy scent. Beautiful! great choice,PP!

  8. Image

    I considered the original-back in the 70s- as headache inducing. This one, on the other hand, is very lady-like and pleasant. Unexpected like forr

  9. Image
    buppyshoog April 29, 2016

    My mum loves it, will be buying more :)

  10. Image

    Fizzy and bright, with rose and musk undertones. It's been years since I smelled the original (and I distinctly recall not liking it), however this is very pretty, and definitely a fragrance I'd wear for daytime.. Review based on 3ml oil.

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