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Myrrh Impeerialz For Men 1055

Category:Perfumes for Men



  • (Notes similar to that found in Myrrhe Imperiale by Giorgio Armani ®)
  • top notes: Vanilla, Amber, Pink Pepper, Myrhh, Benzoin And Saffron

product description

This is an Oriental Spicy fragrance.

For the 3ml, 6ml, 10ml, 12ml, 36ml bottles: You will receive a high quality perfume oil filled in a roll on bottle of your choice. Please note: If buying 2 or less 12ml bottles, we will send it 2x6ml bottles to save on postage costs.

For the 13ml, 30ml and 50ml spray: You will receive a specially formulated spray bottle which will enable you to get that spritz feeling which you don’t get with the oils. Our sprays do contain Ethanol, however the longevity is better than what you would get from the high street brands. We use a high concentration level of fragrance in order to achieve longer lasting.

Fragrance Dust:  Fragrance dust is our latest home fragrancing product which we are really excited about. The beauty of the product is that you can choose any fragrance from our website and we will deliver it in that fragrance. As for the product, its simply scented granules. Put a few pinches in an oil burner. Light a tea light underneath and within minutes the dust will start releasing the fragrance and it will continue to scent up your room for around an hour or even more. After the dust stops letting off fragrance you can simply throw the granules away.

You will receive a 100ml pot which holds around 70g of fragrance dust, which will give between 30-40 hours of burning time.

Another advantage is that you can create your own fragrances by mixing different dusts together.

Try it you won't be disappointed.

For the Beard Oil: You will receive a 30ml bottle filled with 100% pure argan oil hand blended with a frgrance of your choice.


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55 reviews for Myrrh Impeerialz For Men 1055

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Wow! Spot on!

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Great smell, i love it. Addictive

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5/5 Smells good

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I love it! So sophisticated and superior. Gives you the feel like an Egyptian Pharaoh in his palast. Long lasting but as oil it has a moderate sillage. Maybe in the sillage the original is better than the oil here. But if you like you can mix it with pure alcohol and se it as a spray, too.

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Dark, smoky resinous pleasure! This is a strikingly individual scent. Evokes the Souk with its bitter peppery scent, shrouded in a smoky incense that takes your nose a-wandering! Really lovely!